All of the vendors we support and all of the products our suppliers provide us all have an open-source, non-proprietary design and construction.  Consequentially, our customers always have the choice of selecting any elevator maintenance company they desire to service and maintain their elevator(s). Open-source, non-proprietary equipment never uses exclusive hardware, software, passwords, special service tools, or hard to get parts in their design and construction.  Every component is made with the independent elevator community in mind knowing that we all want to take care of our customer’s needs and problems quickly and without incident.  Therefore, they make their products to last and they make them easy to service.  Most of our larger competitors design and sell their elevator systems and elevator products that only they can service and maintain.  They know that only they can really maintain your elevator because only they have the special tools and components to service your elevator.  With our equipment any elevator company can maintain all of the equipment we install without any technological barriers or impediments.  Special tools, passcodes, passwords, and service tools are never needed to maintain any of the elevators we install.  Replacement parts are as available to you, the owner, as they are to us, the installer.  Because we install open-source, non-proprietary elevator equipment we cannot hide behind the “proprietary equipment” that only the installing company can maintain.  

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