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TEC ELEVATOR is a privately owned union (Local 5) elevator company. TEC Elevator was started in 2006 and primarily served the South Jersey marketplace.  Due to its dedication to customer service and providing the customer with high quality elevator services we have consistently broadened our area of coverage.  We now cover all of New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Delaware. As a privately owned elevator company we care deeply about our reputation, which means we have to take care of our customers.  We are dedicated to taking care of our customer’s needs.  We are prompt in providing our services and always accessible to our customers. 

TEC Elevator is full service elevator company.  We install new elevators, modernize existing elevators, and repair and maintain all types and varieties of vertical transportation.  The ownership group at TEC elevator has over 150 years of combined past experience in all facets of the elevator business. Our past experience includes numerous hospital installations, high-rise condominiums, University experience and an installation of the only fully automated parking system in Philadelphia.  We provide custom, open source, non-proprietary elevator systems and components. Any elevator company can maintain all of the equipment we install without any technological barriers or impediments.  Special tools, codes, passwords or service tools are never needed to maintain any of the elevators we install.  Replacement parts are as available to you, the owner, as they are to us, the installer.  Because we install open source, non-proprietary equipment we cannot hide behind the “proprietary equipment” that only the installing company can maintain.  Therefore, we understand that we have to provide a consistent high level of service to be your service provider.

Our goal is to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with our customers. We do this by performing excellent work on a consistent basis and by being accessible to our customers.  Our basic mission is to help you. We want you to see us as an organization that can help you run your business and as a company that can help you solve your vertical transportation problems.  We don’t want your business - we want your repeat business. We want to be seen and known as a company that you can count on. Most of our customers have been with us for a long period of time.  We have a very high renewal rate and our contract renewal rate is a direct correlation to our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

We at TEC Elevator strive to offer benefits that larger companies do not offer. As a privately owned elevator company we can be creative and offer you custom maintenance programs that many of our larger competitors cannot offer as it would not be in the “corporate” playbook to do so.  We can customize maintenance visits based on the existing condition of the equipment, the environment, the equipment type and the level of use the equipment is exposed to. We are willing to work with your existing equipment regardless of age and we can modify most of our maintenance programs to work with your budget.   

Our mechanics take pride in their work and strive for customer satisfaction. Our mechanics are highly skilled, highly trained journeymen educated through the National Elevator Industry Apprenticeship Program. This is a five-year apprenticeship program, with 144 classroom hours and 2000 “on the job” hours per year. The mechanics we employ are capable of servicing, installing, repairing, modernizing and replacing all types of elevator equipment. It is our ability to maintain and service a wide array of equipment, which makes TEC Elevator Company stand out from the rest.​